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Tourism development in Viet Nam ranks 7th in the world

Vietnam is one of the fastest tourism development countries in the world


Vietnam ranks 7th in the top 20 countries with significant growth of tourism with 24.6% number of overseas visitors in 2016 compared to 2015.

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The beauty of Viet Nam

This list is provided by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) based on an assessment of the increase in international visitors.

The Republic of Sierra Leone, located in West Africa, is in the top list with a 310% increase in 2016. This is a sharp increase from the previous year. Only 24,000 visitors would come to Sierra Leone by 2015. By 2016, this number will increase to 74,400. The reason is attributed to the country's announcement of the removal of the Ebola epidemic in November 2015.


Vietnam ranked 7th with a 24.6% increase in foreign visitors in 2016, followed by two countries which is Nepal (39.7% at the second place) and South Korea (30.3% at 4th position). Japan ranked 8th and Indonesia ranked 20th.


Vietnam has repeatedly entered the top countries with ideal conditions for travel, such as the top 10 travel destinations in 2016 by The Richest Magazine (USA), the top ideal country for backpacking travel, voted by Rough Guides (UK) in 2016 and  top eco-friendly tourist destinations rated by Boundless Journeys travel expert and Adventure Life.

The World Tourism Organization also lists the 10 countries with the fastest decline. It is Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Suriname, Palau, Haiti, Belgium, Aruba, and Laos.

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