Huong Hai Ha Long

TiTov Island’s attractive beauty in the tourist’s heart

TiTov - the precious stone of Vietnam - Soviet friendship


Titov Island is the harmonious combination of the scene of clouds, sky, and sea which makes Halong Bay a wonderful masterpiece. This is considered as one of the most attractive beauty spots in the heart of the World Heritage, which is the popular option for many tourists’ exploring journey.

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                            Admiring Titov island from a Halong Bay Cruise

                                  Green Cat Nang Island - Ti top Island in the middle of bright moon

Cat Nang-Titov island
On the late 19th century map, the island had another name of Cát Nàng. On Jan 22, 1962, accepting the invitation from the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the President Ho Chi Minh, The Central Communist Party of the Soviet Union delegated GhecMan Titov Comrade to visit Vietnam. Uncle Ho wanted to introduce directly to the astronaut hero about the legendary beauty of Ha Long Bay. The Group stopped on a small island like the shape of rocket launchers. Suddenly he turned to ask Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dam (the administration president of Hong Quang district) for the name of this island. The Comrade had not had the reply and Uncle Ho said: "To memorize the current day, let us name the islands Ti-top”. This event was happily agreed by all Comrades; therefore, Ti Top name was born and has still existed until now.
Gherman Titov Island had the opportunity to return to the island with his name on June 27, 1997. He was moved to write the words: "Thank you for my fate giving me the opportunity to come back to this island" into the scrapbook of Ha Long Bay Management Board.

Titov Island has one side vertical slope and the other side slightly tilted toward flat sandy beach right under the legs. Although the white sandy bank is not wide, it is washed by up and down tide in all four seasons; thus, bearing the primitive pristine and splendor beauty. Those exploring lovers cannot ignore to conquer Titop Island to sightsee full of Halong Bay’s stunning landscape and the spacious and peaceful atmosphere penetrating into the green heart of the wave and cloud as beautiful as a painting.

Currently, in addition to using ships and boats in order to admire the island overview from above tourist could travel by seaplane - one of the most attractive services in 2015 voted by The New York Times (USA).

Different from many other tourist attractions in Halong Bay, besides natural, poetic, and charming beauty, the Island also owns a beautiful beach. From the rooftop of the mountain overlooking down, Ti Top beach is like a little moon gently lighting embracing the entire small island. Around are rocks and covered with green forest. One side is the ultramarine color of the ocean while the other side is very green color of the mountains, which brings the harmonious beauty by Creators to Titov Island.

While the sunrise view with sun’s ray heat lightly the whole beach, the shimmering night scene with falling down moonlight also leaves the extremely lasting imprint. Tourists possibly feel the cool breeze and clear water to the extent of seeing jigging small fish and each coral reef showing the beauty under the bottom and the slightly rolling waves toward white sand bank like the sentiments of the great sea devoted to the quiet coastline. Traveling here, the tourists are delighted to go swimming and join the thrilling sports such as parachute jumping, motorboat driving or paddling slightly to admire the landscape of the other Islands.
The charming and romantic Titov Island is the excellent blend of variously colorful cloud and sky and great sound of mountains and the overflowing whisper of the waves, which conquers the hearts of tourists traveling to Ha Long Bay. Therefore, you should try to spend a full night to enjoy the flavor of Ti Top beach.