Huong Hai Ha Long

Ti Top Island: Luminous pearl of Vietnam - Soviet friendship

Green Cat Nang Island - Ti top Island in the middle of bright moon


 Ti Top Island ( also called Titov Island ) is located in Halong Bay, about 7-8 km far away from Bai Chay. In French colonial period, Titop Island had its historical name as Cat Nang, meaning the beauty of a charming girl. According to a historical record, in 1962, Cat Nang island was changed to Ti top Island to memorize the event of Ho Chi Minh president & a Russian astronaut Gherman Titov visited to the island.

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           Sparkling ruby on Bai Tu Long Bay
           Pristine beauty named Cong Do Island
Ti Top Island:  Luminous pearl of Vietnam - Soviet friendship


 Ti top Island is endowed with the green color of trees and grasses, the white sand hidden in the blue clear seawater where you can see through to the bottom. Climbing to the top of the cliff, tourists will have a great chance to observe the spectacular panorama of the beach; moreover, you still will have wonderful feeling of being surrounded by the bright moon shape. Thanks to ebb tide to wash the dirty in the sand, Titov beach becomes whiter, clearer and blue annually. Therefore, Titop beach is chosen as the one of the gorgeous beaches because of hidden beauty, blue sea and tranquil atmosphere.

Green Cat Nang Island- TiTov Island in the middle of  bright moon


Nowadays, many service and facilities are established at the aim of providing best quality to tourists such as buoy, swimsuit rental, kayaking, restaurants, bar club,…It is more relaxing and interesting after long hard-working period, you can experience in the beauty of sun, wind, tranquil of the Ti Top beach and swimming in the blue seawater and enjoying the delicious seafood and wine, warming your heart.

If setting foot on the Ha Long Bay, you should spend your time visiting Titov Island for bringing the unforgettable value and experience.

White sand and long Ti Top beach