Huong Hai Ha Long

The Censer Islet stands strongly in the Halong Bay

The sacred sacrifice between earth and sky in Halong Bay


Ha Long Bay‘s beauty said to be an intentional arrangement was not exaggerated. These lagoons and bays are created skillfully and meticulously by Mother Nature. Particularly, Dinh Huong Islet called Lu Huong or Binh Phong Islet is known as a breathtaking sight for visiting once in a lifetime tourists’ Halong Bay journey.

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Lu Huong Islet

Located in the southwest of Dau Go Cave, about 3 kilometers far from Tuan Chau Ferry Pier, adjacent to the Rocky Dog Islet and Cat Islet, Dinh Huong Islet brings outstanding beauty. Traveling here, tourists will admire a stone standing on two very slender legs but extremely solid, appearing in the middle of water as a barrier screen. At low tide, a new islet will reveal all four legs showing the great look, which makes people think of the image of a huge Censer.


The Censer Islet in Ha Long Bay placed majestically between immense sky and spacious sea as a sacred ritual object, demonstrating Vietnamese offspring’s   the spirit of “when you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree” to the legendary dragon Mother – a mascot having the great success in helping people to fight against invaders and remember to our forefathers contributing to the developing and protecting the country.


Dinh Huong Islet is not only a vivid evidence of historical value, unique geology of Halong Bay but also a "lighthouse" making a significant contribution in directing the way for ships on the sea. In order to visit the sacred place, visitors can buy tickets at the Bai Chay tourism management board and explore the each wonder with enthusiastic and attentive local guides. Going here, tourists should not miss the beautiful pictures between a rock island forests with spectacular beauty. At the end of your tour, you can buy a printed postcard about Dinh Huong Islet image sent to your friends and relatives.


Dinh Huong Islet Image is currently honored to be printed as the symbol for the currency 200,000 VND. It is uncertain whether the time and the waves have eroded the rock; however, perhaps experiencing in many years, Halong Bay Lu Huong Islet will be always a masterpiece of Nature and a sacred and meaningful symbol of heaven and earth, human and everything.