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The love story Of Trong Mai Islet

The love story Of Trong Mai Islet


When mentioning to Trong Mai islet, people often think of Trong Mai in Sam Son beach. But anyone who has ever traveled Halong will surely remember a special rock island shaped like chickens because this is a tourism symbol of Vietnam in general and Halong Bay in particular.

Trong Mai Islet on Halong Bay

Away from Bai Chay wharf to southwest, pass Cho Da Islet, Dinh Lu Huong you will have the opportunity to watch 'Hon Trong Mai'. 

According to experts, Hon Trong Mai or Hon Ga Choi Islet are named by fishermen or tourists based on the shape of the island. In the forms of painting, poetry,  photography of Halong Bay ...also have no unified calling.

The love story Of Trong Mai Islet

Among all the immense waves, two beefy chickens a rooster and a hen are hitting each other. From the water’s surface, the height of each one is up to 10 meters, 'grows' up from the bottom of the deep blue water with small 'feet'; seemed with only few strong waves, the giant body can be collapsed anytime. However, for millions of years have passed, though gradually eroded over time, but the two chickens still are together inseparably as challenge time.

The name "Trong Mai" conjures up the image of men - women with love and cohesion. Beautifully shaped stone block was associated with the romantic legend of a faithful relationship. Pictures of Hon Trong Mai has become a symbol of the desire of happiness that the ancients had cleverly entrusted to island here.

 Souvenir photo of Halong Bay

 Trong Mai Islet on the Vietnamese poetry like:

There are people who love each other dearly 
Engrave their names on Trong Mai Islet
Yet letters blur they have forgotten together
Stone love story still last millennial years

Rice painting of Trong Mai Islet - Halong Bay

With the significance and value in terms of art so that many artists have exploited the image of Ga Choi Islet through many angles as his inspiration with the desire through that little product, photos of Ha Long and Vietnam tourism will be promoted worldwide.

If you have any chance to travel to Halong Bay - one of the seven natural wonders of the New World, do not forget to admire the magnificent masterpiece which the Creator gifts this place with love .