Huong Hai Ha Long

The best shopping and entertainment center in Ha Long Bay

The ideal centers for shopping and playing in the Ha Long


Coming to Ha Long Bay apart from exploring the famous scenic spots, the entertainment and shopping at the trade centers also particularly attract the tourists. In the following articles, we would introduce the three most popular commercial centers of the coastal city.

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Halong entertainment center.

1. Halong Marine Plaza entertainment and trade center

Halong Marine Plaza is located in the prescient of the Halong Marina urban areas in Hoang Quoc Viet Street.  This is the most modern service complex in Quang Ninh including entertainment areas, shopping malls and cuisine areas and some original sections such as the biggest in-house entertainment areas of Quang Ninh, the biggest Ferris wheel of Viet Nam, the artificial beach and the first international cinema of Ha Long city.


The center is regarded as shopping heaven with the total area of 110,000 m2. “The fashion capital” is diverse of items, electronics, household utensils, cosmetics, bags, shoes, and souvenirs. Certainly, you will be overwhelmed by the famous domestic and international brand name and label.

Entertainment is the outstanding part of the trade center. Going here, you will surprise at a giant Ferris wheel of Viet Nam, which is the wonderful experience in enjoying the poetic view of Ha Long Bay from the height of 90m. During the period of 15 minutes in colorful cabins, you will feel the differences in wonderful space of natural wonder of the new world.

In addition to the food area, fashion, 365 days in Halong Marine Plaza event sand festivals also take place lively c in the culture square. The square is about 5000 m2, adorned by the splendid fountain with glowing light; therefore, visitors will enjoy the comfort and the youthful, vibrant atmosphere of the specially and uniquely artistic performances.


2. Bãi Cháy trade center

Bai Chay Trade Fair Centre is located in the area of Bai Chay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. The origins of this commercial center come from a small market, situated in Dao Garden Street, Halong because of the new opening of Cherry Street so that the market must move inward and is invested to be built with a large-scale commercial center. This is the concentration of almost full diverse goods with various categories from casual to upscale, mostly electronics, confectionery, fruit, fabrics, readymade garments, blankets, shoes ... suitable for all ages.


In particular, the seafood is famous for being both fresh and affordable. One of the indispensable specialties is Halong grilled chopped squid. Hot golden-fried squid pieces mingle with the attractively sweet aroma making diners crave for.

Bai Chay Trade Fair Centre is considered as a not missed destination while visiting Ha Long Bay where you can delight in shopping for many items fitting with your desire in the upcoming trip.

3. Ha Long Vincom Center

Halong Vincom Center is the first project of Vingroup starting from November 2013 in Quang Ninh. This commercial center is designed in luxurious European style with the floor area of over 36.000 m2 including 1 basement and 4 floors. It is considered as a tourism product, a complex of services for items such as upscale shopping centers chain, educational and health area counseling for children, food fair, skating rink, cinema area, and the game world.


Apart from being shopping, leisure, entertainment center in modern style, catching up with the new trend of the time, the center is also a colorful food fair. Diners will have the opportunity to experience with all your senses of smelling, hearing, and tasting. The restaurants specialize in European dishes, Asian dishes or even have the full menu of attractive delicacies with eye-catching decorated space but not to be less subtle and solemn.

Until this moment, Halong Vincom Center is the largest commercial center in Quang Ninh province. At the same time, this is also a visiting attraction that you can hardly ignore.


Above lists are some of the major commercial centers in Halong we introduce to the visitors. If taking the opportunity to Quang Ninh, in addition to exploring the beautiful scenery, you cannot forget to visit the attractive destinations.