Huong Hai Ha Long

Beautiful Island on Bai Tu Long Bay

Sparkling ruby on Bai Tu Long Bay


Ba Mun island is one of many beautiful islands and has the most diverse flora in Bai Tu Long National Park. This is the ideal destination not only for those who love adventure, discovery but people looking for peace, serenity of mind.

Currently, tourists want to visit Ba Mun island just need to pick speed boat from Cai Rong Dock ( Van Don district ) in 45 minutes. The first impression when arriving here is the pristine natural scenery with lush forests, immense sea embracing the island. More interesting, tourists can easily see the contrast between the east and the west of the island. The East waves roar white foam, spray fly ten of meters high while the West the peaceful scene, calm water.

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Ba Mun Island - Sparkling ruby on Bai Tu Long Bay


The island has an area of over 2000 hectares, stretching nearly 20km North East – South West and is formed on rock with ancient geological compositions as conglomerate, shale, reddish- brown limestone, quartz ... With the location and long characteristic, this island has created the huge wall shielding against storms, waves, contributed to mitigate the effects of natural disasters for people's welfare activities in Bai Tu Long Bay. On the island, there are seven major streams flowing throughout the year with different unique names : Big Pig, Mieu Danh, Van Lau,..., very clean and a source of extremely valuable fresh water between the vast sea.

Bai Tu Long National Park


With the structure of tropical raining green forest, the average of one-year total up to 1500 hours of sunshine, Ba Mun is the only schist island which has the primary forest with a diversity of species. 01.24.1997 Ba Mun forest officially is recognized as Bai Tu Long National Forest.

The island has a wealth of rare plant species, notably orchids, dinh, Lim, Sen, Tau, Vang Huong...there are big trees that 3 or 4 people can not hug. It was also the sanctuary of wild animals classified in the list needing to be preserved, such as chamois, deer, langurs and sea birds, migratory birds: magpie … Therefore, the locals call this island animal island.

Tourists visit Bai Tu Long Bay National Park


Come to the "Home of all breed", it will take about three days if go by tour, if use boat running around the island then it will take about five hours. Guests can contact the wildlife rescue center for support, help and advice for the journey become more easily and conveniently.

With spacious, refreshing green space, Ba Mun is the perfect place for everyone. This tour not only brings back a memorable time but also helps tourists know more about the natural forest resources in Vietnam.