Huong Hai Ha Long

Savoring "Squid" in Halong Bay

Come to Ha Long city if you want to savor sea food


Only once in life setting foot on Ha Long Bay, tourists should not miss any chance to enjoy the fresh and delicate taste of the sea - Squid. This is one of the food types providing the diverse source of energy and healthy nutrients which make the great contribution to recover health such as arthritis treatment, skin diseases, increasing immune system, promoting blood circulation.

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                                        5 seafood dishes you should taste when visiting Ha Long City

Savoring "Squid" in Halong Bay


 Ha Long city - The paradise of seafood.

Visiting here, tourists have interesting experience in original cuisine heaven. The food bearing the characterized sea taste, the freshness and the blend of spices, creates unforgettable feelings. The first mention is Ha Long grilled chopped squid considered as one of the tourists’ priorities and a meaningful gift to their relatives. The differences of the regional grilled chopped squid from others regions are due that it has unique flavor of wind and salt and the heart of Ha long local residents. Grilled chopped squid is processed in many different ways such as frying or steaming. It is normally served with rice or sticky rice cooked with fat coconut, which is delicious.

Roll cakes in Halong Bay


Most of the tourists are acquainted with Steamed rice rolls with traditional chopped pork or shrimp inside; however, steamed rice roll served with grilled chopped squid is unique in Ha Long. Each piece of steamed rice rolls served with hot grilled chopped squid is tasty in the sour and spicy fish sauce. This dish attracts not only the steamed rice roll lovers but also the first coming diners.

Tourists will be surprised with the unusual dish- steamed squid with guava leaves. Just hearing makes you smell rather acrid guava leaves and a blend of fresh and sweet taste of squid, creating the original dish.

Grilled squid dish in Ha Long Bay


Another one is dried-for- one-sunny- day squid- the Ha long standardized specialty. The big squid chosen to be dried under sunlight leads to the fresh and sweet taste. Despite being far in anywhere, dried-for- one-sunny- day squid warms the tourist’s heart and makes deeply impression, particularly the squid roasted over embers.

In conclusion, Ha long is famous for abundant and diverse cuisine including squid and seafood specialties. Therefore, starting a trip plan for traveling to Halong Bay Tours and exploring cuisine heaven is to have practical feeling of beauty and delicious food taste.