Huong Hai Ha Long

Pristine white of Ha Long's cuisine

Ha Long fried squid cake – Delicious seafood dishes!


   Possessing a wealth of beautiful sceneries made Ha Long attract thousands of tourists from home and abroad every year. Not only that, food culture is also an important factor contributing to make tourists love this land more. In the article below, we would like to introduce to you two specialties of Ha Long: sticky rice with fried squid and fried squid rolled cake.

Being a sea land so squids in Ha Long city are chewy deliciously, different from other regions. Fresh squid materials can be processed into many various dishes, the most famous among this is the fried squid. Squids are masticated hand-made by traditional way, which makes pieces of crispy, fragrant fried squid. This specialty is eaten with sticky rice and rolled cake which makes especially unique sticky rice with squid cake and squid rolled cake.

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                        5 seafood dishes you should taste when visiting Ha Long City

Pristine white of Ha Long's cuisine


1. Sticky rice with fried squid

Fragrant flavor of sticky rice blended together with the fat of crispy squid’s slice creates undeniable appeal of this dish. When frying should be aware of the fire, too big will burn, too small is not enough. Delicious patties are brown and odorous pieces. The best gravy to go with is probably pure fish sauce and to richer, we can give a little more crispy fried onions.

Each sticky rice with squid cake portion is widely sold in restaurants, sidewalk in Ha Long with affordable prices from 15000 to 20000 VNĐ. The price is too good to enjoy a specialty, right?

Halong Squid cake roll


2. Squid rolled cake

Besides sticky rice with fried squid , squid rolled cake is also the specialty making distinctive flavor to this place. Surely rolled cake is no stranger to us. In Ha Long, they combine rolled cake and fried squid, made famous squid rolled cake. The cake has two types: one is pure smooth pie curled together, while the other has only a thin coating outside, inside has meat, mushrooms, fungus.

Freshly baked rolls served with a fried squid, a few fried onions, herbs then it was a great dish. And the sauce seems to take a special role. Sauce dilutes with a few slices of peppers for visitors to feel the excellent taste.

Squid rolled cake is also sold at sidewalk kiosks or street vendors in Ha Long for between 15000-20000 VNĐ. You can visit the shop next to Bach Dang theater, Ngan shop on Cay Thap City to enjoy this course!

Sticky rice with fried cake and squid rolled cake are used as a daily familiar breakfast item of the people here. Also, as the exquisite food that tourists could not help but enjoy when coming to this beautiful coastal city.