Huong Hai Ha Long

Ngoc Vung Island is a heaven for exploration

Ngoc Vung Island is waiting for tourists to explore


Not a hustle and  bustle destination, Ngoc Vung Island offers visitors an exciting holiday with peaceful and pristine beauty.Located in the heart of green Bai Tu Long Bay, Ngoc Vung Island belongs to Van Don Island District - Quang Ninh and quite near Minh Chau Island, Quan Lan. However, Ngoc Vung Island develops tourism rather late compared to the "neighboring" islands, so few visitors are arriving.

Ngoc Vung Island

With an area of ​​45km2, sparsely inhabited population of about 1000 people, the service is not much so Ngoc Vung Island is a destination suitable for travelers who love to explore.


To go to Ngoc Vung, tourists can take a speedboat from Hon Gai (Ha Long) or choose wooden boats from Cai Rong Port (Van Don).


After about 2.5 hours of travel on Bai Tu Long Bay by wooden boat, visitors will arrive on the island. The island is called Ngoc Vung because of legend, the area was popular with the precious pearl oyster and glowing  night sky. Ngoc Vung is full of natural terrain elements such as rivers, beaches, harbors, plains ... so it is like a small village in the middle of the sea.


From the center of the island, visitors can visit Uncle Ho's memorial on the island, watch the overhead island from the 12.7-mm cannon and ride the bicycle between the trees.