Huong Hai Ha Long




Halong bay is one of the most beautiful natural heritages all over the world. Thus, we want to give you 10 things you should not miss in Halong bay.

1.   Enjoy experience with Huong Hai Sealife Cruise

         Spreading over 4 decks with 26 fully equipped spacious cabins, en-suite Jacuzzi bathroom and standing shower, the elegant detached restaurant and the spacious sundecks, we ensure the four stars quality service in our beautiful cruise and promise truly memorable experience on our cruise.



2.   Try the most delicious fresh food in the world

         With thousand types of food : snail , fish , squid , lobster , shrimp , crab and other . We can sure that you will enthralled by the sea food here, especially it will be made under our special Vietnamese style.



3.   Try the Ba Kich wine

         Ba Kich wine is one of the most special Vietnamese Ginseng wine. The roots are soaked with alcohol after 3 months we can able to drink. The Ba Kich has blue violet color with harmonious and smooth taste.



4.   Visit Coto Island

         One of the most wild island with blue sea , white sand , wild rocks and it is very peaceful place. If you have chance to come here, we believe you will be never disappointed about your choice.



5.   Visit Sung sot cave (Amazing Cave)

         One of the seven natural best place of the world, it will amazed you by the most hidden charm cave on Halong Bay.


6.   Watch the Trong Mai islets (The kissing cocks’, Icon of Halong Bay)

         The islets look like couple of cock kissing together, the most famous icon of Halong Bay. Trong Mai itself also carries its own beautiful art inside. There is no surprise that you can very easy to find a lot of Trong Mai paintings or photos.



7.   Kayak and explorer Halong bay by yourself



        Explore beautiful nature by your self is always the best thing that we willing to do, especially you can do kayak and enjoy the beautiful Halong bay yourself.


8.   Welcome new day in Aurora time on Bay

         Do not forget to capture one of the most memorable moment on Halong Bay.



9.   Enjoy a memorable moment in Sunset time

         If someone like to enjoy the romantic time , this will be best part for them.




10.   Visit Vung Vieng Fishing Village

         The exceptional peaceful destination, you will not only contemplate the beautiful scenery here, you also can understand more about lifestyle here. At fishing village traveler will have chance to understand how people live, how they catch fish and how people make the Pearl.