Huong Hai Ha Long

Cua Van is the most attractive fishing village in Ha Long Bay

The most beautiful fishing village of the world in Ha Long Bay


If Ha Long Bay is the garden of the earthly castles, the fishing village of Cua Van is a unique wonder of fishermen.

Cua Van-Floating fishing village in Ha Long Bay

Cua Van fishing village has been listed on the tourist website listing 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world (2012). Criteria for selecting the villages appearing on the list are that they must be ancient, graceful, and retain a distinctive traditional culture. has chosen Cua Van because it converges all three of these most important elements.


With the policy to return the landscape and environment for the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay, in June 2014, the Ha Long City People's Committee moved fishermen to fishing villages ashore. Cua Van fishing village is still preserved and preserved for tourism, including 12 rafts (classrooms, cultural houses and some new rafts meeting the standards of fishermen).


Photos and information on the Cua Van of "yesterday" is peaceful and full of vitality. At Cua Van floating village, there are more than 300 households living mainly on fishing job. The households here set up raft houses along the edge of the rocks island.

The fishing village is located at a distance of tens kilometers from the cliffs of the sea. There, the houses are next to each other, small, beautiful. There is no whistling car as booming on the shore but only exists the fishermen’s calling to ask each other and the beams on the fishing boat.


The generations of fishing village spend their all life living on boats and attached to the sea. They consider the boat as house and the sea as home, attached to Ha Long Bay both soul and body. Children from 4 to 5 years know how to paddle. These conditions make the people living together clustered together and attached to the sea. All living, and spiritual activities of their whole life, from birth until death, take place with water.