Huong Hai Ha Long

Magical Thay Cave

Exploring Thay Cave on Bai Tu Long Bay Tour


In recent years, scientists have discovered many new caves in Ha Long Bay, which promises to be attractive locations for sightseeing, therein a cave has the strange name: Thay cave.

Thay Cave is next to " Rocky pile park" of Bai Tu Long Bay, away about 25km from the Quan cave from north - East. The reason for its name because inside the cave there are lots of book- sized and quill –sized stalactites, and a small stone like a table for reading. The door is adjacent to the water's edge so just need to hop a step down from a boat’s prow to cave’s floor is covered with a layer of fine flat sand.


Magical Thay Cave on Bai Tu Long bay


According to a survey by the Center for heritage conservation and beach entertainment Halong Bay, Thay cave is about 3 meters wide and about 150m deep. The more go deep, the more the temperature drops. Situated between the cave is a small lake filled with water from the watershed of mountain flowing down at night and day. Wide dome with stalactites hang down all strange shapes. The light from the cave’s door reflected in the natural stalactites along with the streams gurgling gives a sense of the mysterious, strange charm.

Thay Cave Entrance


According to the head of the Ha Long Bay Management Board - Mr. Vu Hung, the management board is in the process of researching, in coordination with the relevant authorities to turn Thay cave into a unique beach in the cave. Besides, also continues to design a caving tour by speed boat, meets the needs of an increasing daily visit of tourists.

Inside the second day's schedule of Bai Tu Long Bay 3 days 2 nights tour, Our Huong Hai Halong cruise will bring an unforgettable experience for customers when visiting Thay cave. Here, visitors can explore on their own by kayak and admire the beautiful natural scenery of one of the most mysterious caves in Bai Tu Long Bay.