Huong Hai Ha Long

Luxury Golf course on the banks of Halong Bay

Halong Golf course: Golf courses with the best views in the world


Community of domestic and foreign golfers will have the opportunity to compete in the Vietnam biggest golf tournament: FLC Golf Championship in 9/2016 in Quy Nhon. Additionally, world-class Halong golf course is expected to go into operation in 12/2016.

The FLC Halong Resort complex is located on the hills bordering the Hong Hai, Hong Ha, Ha Trung and Ha Lam Ward ( Ha Long city) with an area of ​​224 hectares on planning.

Luxury Golf course on the banks of Halong Bay

 Halong golf course has panoramic views across city and Halong Bay.

Also thanks to this particular terrain, FLC Halong Golf is rated as one of the golf courses with the best views in the world. When in operation, the resort is expected to complement the leisure infrastructure and luxury resort for Halong city, contribute to attract and retain domestic tourists and international tourists to this famous landmark. 

Halong golf course views across the city and Ha Long Bay

On August 16 FLC  Chairman was going to inspect the project site Halong FLC to check the progress and direction on the resolve of the difficulties and obstacles. He asked the construction unit to ensure a safe, economical, efficient, and especially to minimize the impact on the area surrounding the project.

Halong golf course will go into operation in 12/2016