Huong Hai Ha Long

Impression up-coming Carnival Halong 2015 Festival

Impression up-coming Carnival Halong 2015 Festival


Being kicked off at 8:00pm on April 27 at Hung Thang Ward, HaLong city, the 2015 Halong Carnival will be themed “Converging quintessence-Spreading smiles”.

There are 4 main parts included in the Carnival Halong 2015, namely opening ceremony, art performances on stage, parade and fireworks.

The QNPPC assigned Ha Long city to work closely with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and other relevant departments to successfully contribute to the Carnival.

 Discussing the theme of the festival, Mr. Dinh Anh Dung, general director of Halong Carnival expressed his opinion “Talking about Quang Ninh, the image of Halong bay comes up immediately in the mind, but Quang Ninh poses more outstanding potentials, with the seascapes, the tangible and intangible heritages which is hardly comparable by other provinces.”

The street performances and stage performances will be separated but conducted in a parallel fashion. It will make the holiday atmosphere more completed and more cheerful.

Impression up-coming Carnival Halong 2015 Festival


Many singers and famous artists of Quang Ninh Province and others in Vietnam will also participate. The parade themed “Halong smile” includes 10 flower cars with the dynamic-rhythm performances. There will be more than 50 Miss, Runner-ups, professional models and more than 2000 local actors of Quang Ninh. Carnival Halong will represent the colorful culture of many surrounding countries such as Thailand, Laos, China through the traditional performances, traditional costumes…

Huong Hai Halong and Halong Carnival 2015


In Carnival Halong 2015, more than 2000 local actors, including students from Halong university, children, monks, elders, coal workers, tourism staff, and the ethnic people participated. The preparing process needs to be done soon to meet the requirement of organizing committee.

There will be thousands of tourists flocking to Halong this time of year to enjoy the Halong carnival. Many tourism companies have reported about the number of international tourists visiting Halong in this time with most of them from  the Asian market. However, it is a struggle for tourism businesses if they don’t know exactly the date of carnival to include the Carnival Halong in the itinerary of their tour programs.

Art Performance on Halong Carnival 2015 Festival