Huong Hai Ha Long

Huge fireball on Halong Bay

Huge fireball on Halong Bay


 Dawn is endowed by the Creator for man to embellish life more colorful. Photos of sunrise at sea have left an unforgettable impression on viewer‘s hearts so far. So if this minutely picture appears on Ha Long Bay - repeatedly recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage then surely it will be a great and especial experience.

Huge fireball on Halong Bay


Early morning, the sun does not woke up. Quiet night embraces entirely sad overcast scene, sea zone seems to be so deep in sleep, occasionally waves washed ashore.

But when the sun is slowly rising like the big yolk of an egg then the scenery returns so lively. Fan shaped rays light to make things sparkly warm colors: orange, yellow, red. This twinkling shimmer dispel the cold of the night, spread nicely making each corner change color according to sunlight.

Sunrise on Halong bay waves


Until the sun really stick out of white clouds brilliantly, sea at this time is like a beautiful natural picture. On the deep blue background, each flock of white seagulls flies close to the water. In the distance, the fresh pink horizon loom fishing fleets setting sail through silver mist, the sails are shimmered by radiant glory shines like butterflies dancing on the undulating waves. Everybody hands in hands walking on the beach, talking happily.The sound of sea waves, the engine, birdsong, laughter all blend together to form a new tone of a new day. 

Dawn is endowed by the Creator


With thousands of islands which are created by the spectacular Creator, the dawn sky between endless ocean highlights a rare beauty that Mother Nature bestowed Halong Bay. Just watching the sunrise on the beach, enjoying pleasurable and pleasant breeze blowing on the hair, on the face make us feel so relieved, eager like lost in fairyland.

Running away the heat, hustle of everyday life to be in the heaven where has blue beach with stretching white sand and watch the first rays. If given the opportunity, just once discover this famous scene to be witnessed the colorful beauty by clouds, sun, and light create.