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Halong Bay – The famous world natural wonder

Halong Bay Vietnam- The famous natural wonder of the world


Halong Bay Vietnam recognized repeatedly as the natural wonder of the world by UNESCO and is famous for thousands of islands, beautiful beaches, resorts and historical monuments. Because of the wonderful view, is is an ideal place for domestic and international visitors to explore the marvels of nature.

Geographical location

Located in the north-east of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay includes the sea areas of Ha Long city, Cam Pha town and a part of Van Don Island district. It is bounded by Cat Ba Island to the southwest, the sea to the east, and the mainland with a 120 kilometer – long coastline to the west. The total area of this bay is 1,553 square kilometers, consisting of 1969 islands having various sizes. The region is especially acknowledged as the world heritage  that covers 434 square kilometers and comprises 775 islands. It looks like a triangle with three tips that are Dau Go Island (on the west), Ba Ham Lake (on the south) and Cong Tay Island (on the east).  

Climatic features 

Ha Long Bay Vietnam has 04 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Visitors can travel to Ha Long almost any time of the year, especially from April to October because the weather will be cool and pleasant during this period. From December to February, it can be cold, foggy and rainy.  

halong bay Vietnam from above

Natural beauty 

Ha Long Bay is a unique heritage containing the important vestiges in the formation and development of the earth’s history. Moreover, the studies of relics in Dong Mang, Xich Tho, Soi Nhu and Thoi Gieng carried out by the archaeologists show that Ha Long is one of the cradles of the ancient Vietnamese. It also connects closely with the development of national history. There are many place-names such as Van Don where the renowned trading port were built in, Bai Tho mountain where the autographs of many kings and celebrities were recorded, Bach Dang river that two famous naval battles of the army and the people who fought against Nguyen – Mong aggressors under the Tran dynasty. 

With a system of beautiful islands and caves, Halong Bay is really outstanding, lively and mysterious. Two types of islands – limestone monolithic ones and schist stone ones – gather mainly in the south-east of Bai Tu Long Bay and the south-west of Ha Long Bay. As the result of the raising and lowing operation process in many times, this is the oldest terrain with the tectonic age of 250 – 280 million years. 

There are hundreds of islands in Ha Long Bay that can make us think that we are lost in a fairy world, and each island has a different shape such as Dau Nguoi Islet, La Vong Island, Sail Islet, Trong Mai Islet, Incense Burner Islet, Titov Island … The wonderful caves with miraculous legends exist inside these islands; for example, Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Trinh Nu cave, Tam Cung cave, Sung Sot Cave... They really look like the palaces of the Creator on earth.

Ha Long also has high biological diversity with the typical ecosystems such as mangrove ecosystems, coral reef ecosystems, tropical forest ecosystems… and thousands of species of animals as well as plants that live in the forests or in the sea.

Halong Bay Vietnam – The famous natural wonder of the world


Coming to Ha Long Bay, you can yacht to enjoy beautiful view. Besides visiting and seeing the stalactites in caves system, vaporous clouds of mist, clear water, the boats in crowds or the houses floating on the surface of the sea… will make you feel excited. Moreover, you can take a boat to Co To Island for bathing in the sea and diving to see the coral reefs.

Tuan Chau Island is also an interesting place. It is the most popular tourist area in the North and the most beautiful island among 1,969 ones in Ha Long Bay. This is the only island that residents live in. Tuan Chau is famous for being the largest artificial beach in Vietnam. The water sports and games such as beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, Jet Ski... offered will give you a healthy, interesting and impressive holiday. If you want to take a hot bath, please come to Quang Hanh – a state-owned tourist area. If you prefer to go to the temple, Yen Tu relic will be the best choice. This is a system of pagodas, hermitages, towers and the ancient trees in association with the natural landscapes. The beauty of Yen Tu will help you forget the fatigue of walking on the steep streets.

In the evening, you can visit the night market in Bai Chay to buy some local gifts for your friends and family, enjoy the local food, drink coffee, and watch the sea and the city at night. 

Not only the large caves systems but also many famous relics and beautiful spots are awaiting you to explore. You will certainly have a lot of wonderful pictures and memories when traveling to Ha Long Bay.