Huong Hai Ha Long

Halong Bay - Wild green Dragon Eye Island

Dragon Eye Island on the south of Halong Bay


Located in the South of Halong Bay, Bai Dong Dragon Eye island is adjacent to Bai Tu Long Bay. Here lush beaches and white sand, stretching to 300 400 meters. Especially the unique landscape of beautiful circular farm located between the mountains, which is why the island Bai Dong also called by netizens as " Island-like Dragon Eyes excitement ".

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                                      Huge fireball on Halong Bay

                                        Pristine beauty named Cong Do Island.

                                            The Sunset on Bai Tu Long Bay

Dragon Eye wild green island

 Dragon Eye Island has an area of ​​approximately 30 hectares, while keeping primitive.

Dragon Eye Island is adjacent to Bai Tu Long Bay

Ha Long Island Dragon Eye - a new destination this summer. The first impression as to the Dragon Eyes island is the green space here.

Halong Dragon Eye Island - New destination this summer

When setting foot on Bai Dong island, you will feel the smoothing sand running through legs and cool sea water.

However, what makes the island Bai East becomes different between thousands of beautiful islands of the world's natural heritage is unique Dragon Eye. Inside it, there is a blue water farming, contains both an ecosystem is most unusual for the Gulf of Tonkin.

This island is like an attractive dragon's eye


The island-like excitement Dragon Eyes.

Want to go into inside Dragon Eye, you have to go along the ladder system to the summit and then walk down. Ang unique circle of water, as a landmark in the heart of the mountain very attractive to someone who like kayak to explore the diverse ecosystems in the heart of the island.

Bai Dong Island has been identified as destinations in Halong Bay tours and is situated in the detailed planning conservation of Halong Bay. But this place has only been known for self-travel type. To the Bai Dong Island, from Bai Chay Tourist Habour or Ben Doan, just about 2h - 2h30 minutes by train and the price is not high, only 30,000 VND / person.

In the heart of Dragon Eye Island


Currently, works serving the needs of accommodation has been invested for construction but not yet put into operation. The biggest difficulty is freshwater for serveing visitors. To April 2016 or May, the island will provide services such as kayaking, canoe flying, life jackets, the seafood, barbecue picnic ... and most likely will welcome tourists this year.  But now when visiting, you have to bring food, water and hygiene & cleaning rubbish by yourself. If you are finding a private space for the weekend holiday, Dragon Eye Island is a great choice !!!