Huong Hai Ha Long

The US Bussiness Insiders article tells about Ha Long Bay beauty

Ha Long Bay beauty in the US Bussiness Insiders article


Ha Long Bay is increasingly popular to the majority of international tourists. Therefore, Halong Bay is almost listed in a lot of itineraries Viet Nam of Viet Nam trips. Besides of that, the US Business Insider commented that Ha Long Bay of Vietnam is voted as one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

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Ha Long Bay beauty

According to the article of the US Business insider, many tourists who have been to Viet Nam highly appreciated that Ha Long Bay is one of the destinations with great scenery and most tourist attractions in Vietnam.


Ha Long's name means "where the dragon mother landed." According to the local legend, the islands in Ha Long Bay were created by a dragon when it came down here and spit the pearl out and falling down here to form the islands. After helping the Vietnamese to fight off invaders and finding the peaceful and beautiful scenery of this place, the dragon family decided to choose to do this house.


Ha Long Bay is located in the northeastern Vietnam with clear and fresh sea water and a series of Limestone Mountains covered with rainforest. This is also the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam. Guests can sit on luxury yachts around the scenic bay for exploration. It is not perfect without planning a trip to visit Ha Long Bay.

Beside of that, Ha Long Bay organizes various overnight cruise tour on 3,4,5 star boat so that the tourist can enjoy the overview of Ha Long Bat at any moment of a day. Tourist not only enjoy in luxury room and amazing cuisine on the cruise but also take part in many outdoor activities such as squid fishing, fish catching, cave visiting, swimming,.... 


That is a good idea if you plan a summer vacation on Ha Long Bay cruise and admire all the most beautiful view of Ha Long Bay.