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Ha Long fried squid cake – Delicious sea flavor dishes

Halong famous specialty: Unforgetable dishes to visitors


Ha Long fried squid cake  – Delicious sea flavor dishes.

The Creator gifted Halong city both a world natural heritage and an extremely diversified source of seafood which contributed significantly in making a lot of excellent dishes carrying salty flavor of the sea. Among these, we have to mention to sticky rice squid cake and fried squid cake rolls - famous specialties nowhere has.

Ha Long fried squid cake  – Delicious sea flavor dishes

1. Sticky rice squid cake

Not only eye-catch by the white of sticky rice and the yellow of fried squid’s slices but attract diners by scent gently with the smell of fresh sticky rice mixed up salty squid cake. Just like that already made, we found difficult to resist the appeal of this dish. A plus point for the main dish is not too fussy about the spice section, just a little white salt or pure fish sauce added extra fragrant spicy peppers. Simple but still remains the very already attractive flavor of the squid cake.,

Sticky rice squid cake is the perfect combination of breaking heat, clammy of rice and the crispy of fried squid. Flavor along with taste spread smell and gustation is the exquisite of this rustic luxury cuisine.

Ha Long sticky rice squid cake

2. Squid cake and rolls

Unlike ordinary roll cakes or not depend on the sauce bowl. Squid cake rolls requires the quality of fried squid, roll cakes and sauces. Thin coated roll cakes with visible black fungus pellets, mushroom, minced meat, peeled shrimp are curled up inside steaming aroma of shrimp paste, fried onion.

Squid cakes are just blonde steaming hot also be cut in half furnished besides amber waving sauce bowl. Eaters pick up a piece of roll cake, a slice of fried squid accompanied coriander, all dipped in sweet and sour sauce bowl. Tasty dishes are so pervasive that the guests surely have to eat a second time.

Halong squid cake rolls

One day in Ha Long, Quang Ninh is much more fun with the delicious food. Sticky rice and roll cakes with fried squid cake was listed as not to try - considered not to come to Halong”. Two famous dishes attracts tourists from all over the world by unforgettable flavor, full convergence of quintessential culinary culture of Vietnam, and also the pride of the people here .