Huong Hai Ha Long

Traveling the most famous wonder and savoring cuisine - Halong Bay

Experiencing in the delicious cuisine tour in Halong Bay


Quang Ninh land is famous for attractive tourist attractions for all travelers. Coming to Ha Long Bay, apart from the beautiful scenic spots, this place is also well- known for its numerous unique specialties that customers cannot ignore.

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The best cuisine in Ha Long Bay

1. Grilled chopped squid

It would be a defect if visitors do not enjoy grilled chopped squid when arriving here. This is known as a traditional dish in 1946 prepared by the local people with just caught fresh cuttlefish. The squid’s bone is very thick and the meat is very strong. It is also a reason for Halong city grilled chopped squid very different from the neighboring regions.      


 Grilled chopped squid is pulverized by hand according to the best traditional methods. Each species are always tinged with a yellow color outside and also inside are white and aromatic. When tasted this specialty, we will be surprised by the crispy, chewy substance and natural sweetness with the very pleasant scent of squid meat.   

2. Steamed Lobster 

Halong Bay sea is full of many rich kinds of seafood, including lobsters mostly preferred. If you have the opportunity to enjoy this dish, then indeed it would be a tremendously unforgettable experience. Lobster is processed into many dishes such as steamed lobster, lobster roasted with salt, lobster porridge that each carries its own unique features, not mixed. The best dish among them should be steamed lobster. The way of processing is simple and not too fussy to be kept full of nutrients as well as the typical sweetness of its meat. Pink white meat-stocky, delicious dotted with salt and pepper or chili sauce tart served with herbs, onions ceiling is what creates the attraction irresistible dish of luxury but also very worthwhile this money

3. Ca Say Tien Yen

Halong Bay cuisine also owns the very famous and popular dish- Ca SayTien Yen. In fact, this is a cross-bred duck with geese. Due to the cross breeding, Ca Say inherits the biggest advantages of the two species. Ca Say meat is delicious and aromatic served with medium spicy fish sauces bringing the unforgettable flavor. From the raw material Ca Say can be processed into many attractive dishes, whether fried, steamed or sautéed processing make visitors especially impressive. The charming and intoxicating freshness of Ca Say creates a charm for a unique dish. Therefore, there is need to be considered when Ca Say Tien Yen is listed on the list of 10 most delicious specialties in Halong Bay.


 In addition to the items listed above, Ha Long has also known for the snails, squid cake rolls, fried noodles with Ngán, Gật gù cake. The dishes are fresh and fascinating.  Let's admire the Halong Bay's beauty and savor the specialties to have a happy and memorable holiday.