Huong Hai Ha Long

Experience the highest Sun Wheel in the world

Experience the highest Sun Wheel in the world


 Sun wheel, Queen Cable car and Sun World Halong Park - New destination to Halong city people.

This summer, the beautiful Halong city promises to attract more and more tourists than every year because of having many new entertainment playgrounds; "Sun Wheel" on  Sun World Halong Park has also contributed its name to the best unique and special destination’s list of Ha Long Tourism in 2016.

On June 25th at the Bai Chay tourist area, the Queen cable car system was officially inaugurated. With an impressive height, up to 215m over sea level, the Sun Wheel is one of the largest rotation in Vietnam, the rest is located in the Asia Park (Da Nang City ).

Experience the highest Sun Wheel in the world


Amusement park, museum of waxwork on the Ba Deo mountain (Hong Gai ward). Designed in leading technology from Japan so visitors will be assured about the safety and security’s system. Each cabin can accommodate up to 6 passengers, carrying 384 guests per round with a frequency of 15-20 minutes and a capacity of 1,200 passengers/hour.

Museum of waxwork is located on the Ba Deo mountain


This is a great opportunity for visitors to admire in slowly a different Ha Long city from above. Tourists can easily zoom eye away to get a perfect look of Hon Gai Port, Cai Lan port, Bai Chay bridge and the entire of Halong Bay on the other side. A fanciful Halong city under the sunset or shimmering, glittering at night is enjoyed with a new view. 

Bai Chay bridge and Sun wheel by night


When arriving in this beautiful coastal city in the past, people only think of visiting Ha Long bay but today, it will make them surprised because of strange, compelling attractions which opening up the opportunity to admire the amazing beauty of the new world natural heritage. Nowaday the skyscraper along with the giant wheel are becoming symbol tourism of many countries all around the world. Thus Sun Wheel has gradually become the new representative of tourism - the pride of Ha Long city people.