Huong Hai Ha Long

The wildest island – Banh Sua in Bai Tu Long Bay

Enjoying the trip to Banh Sua Island in Bai Tu Long Bay


Banh Sua Island in Bai Tu Long Bay is known as one of the most original islands. Belong to The Vang arch, the island scenery atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, completely isolated from the famous noisy island such as Co To Island, Titov Island, Quan Lan Island.

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Beautiful Banh Sua Island

Apart from the strange name – Banh Sua, the island is also called Ong To or Tu Hai Island. From above looking down, with the small total area of the 1-kilometre square, the overall view of the Island is zoomed into the sighting distance, considered as the smallest child in the great family of island complex in Bai Tu Long Bay. Thanks to being protected by the brother and sister island, the younger island is safer, located quietly in the great sea. Deserved to the called name, Banh Sữa Island brings the sweetness for tourists to have the unforgettable memory.


Nowadays, in addition to the place of raising seafood like clams and Tu Hai, the island becomes an attractive beauty spot for tourists enjoying exploration with one- day itinerary in Banh Sua Island.

In the morning, you should get up at 5 a.m for starting to explore and enjoy the beauty of the island when the sunlight of the early sunrise appears behind the mountain range, making the panoramic picture vivid and brightened. In order to have an interesting day, tourists could catch sea cucumber with the fisherman when the tide is down to the minimum level.

After exploring and hunting journey and having the breakfast, the tourists continue the adventure on the boat to Quan cave. Quan cave is one of the military installations in the war against US’s destruction in the north of Viet Nam. Not less famous than other caves in Ha Long Bay, this also has various colourful stalactites in strange shapes.


On the way back to Banh Sua Island, tourist will meet the friendly and simple local fisherman fishing seafood such as crab, shrimp, and fish. Therefore, you can purchase some seafood for delicious lunch later.


At the time of sunset, the scenery becomes fanciful, particularly when climbing to the top of the cat’s ear Rock; you could admire the panoramic view of beach and fisherman life in order to shoot the wonderful moments.

You should not hesitate to make your trip plan to have an unforgettable experience, suited with adventurers who desire to explore the hidden beauty of the life. Therefore, setting foot on Bai Tu Long Bay is as to create the interesting trip.