Huong Hai Ha Long

A journey to Bai Tu Long Ecotourism Area in Quang Ninh

Ecotourism Experience in Bai Tu Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province


Located in Northeast of Vietnam, far 200 km from Hanoi, Bai Tu Long Ecotourism Area belongs to Van Don Island District, Quang Ninh Province, on the island of Bai Tu Long Bay, a dream place where saves the preserved culture of Ha Long for thousands of years and the pristine beauty of the time.

Van Don Island Commune in Bai Tu Long

Stretching on an area of 100 hectares, with the strength of nearly 10 kilometers of coastline, the ecotourism is built on the basis of the harmonious combination of traditional Asian architecture with modern western style. Self- contained stilted houses near the sea make visitors feel close to nature, which diminishing the boundary between the modern noisy, bustling world and immense sea.


In the first journey, tourists come to Van Don Estuary, where is the busy estuary of the Ly Dynasty nearly 900 years ago. This is also a region for full of goods trade and crowded traders from Siam, China and boat docked in India, Japan, and the Near East.

The location of the commercial port is considered to be a prime location, a gateway to the northern region, which now becomes an attractive tourist destination not only for domestic tourists but also for many foreigners.


To Bai Tu Long visitors will be surprised by many interesting experiences including having fun in the resort, sports area, and modern entertainment. Travelers will have a chance to be back ancient times with trips to explore the island, just go down the sea and go up the forest (through the Đài Xuyên forest). Unintentionally, visitors will set foot in the ancient cultural vestiges of Ha Long, pottery fragments, the foundation of the old commercial port of Van Don.

During that journey, visitors will visit the famous historical relics such as communal house relics, temples and pagodas of Van Nam, Quan Lan commune built in the 17th century, and the Sand, Phat Co island, Van Hoa port, Cai Rong port.


At night, tourists can spend the night on the island for fire camping, eating fresh seafood on the beach to enjoy the air of heaven and earth and water of one of the most beautiful bays in our country.