Huong Hai Ha Long

Sea Coral in Ha Long Bay is crying

Ha Long Bay's sea coral layers are seriously diminishing!


The coral has many different types such as hard coral, soft coral, black coral, blue coral...In particular, an important and meaningful number one is the hard coral (Scleractinia) which also known as the stone coral. The most popular coral in Ha Long Bay is also this one.

Halong Bay coral


Coral which belongs of the Coelenterate (Coelenterata) is the common name of the lower animal class (Anthozoa) living in the sea. For nature and creature, coral reefs have high biological diversity, can compare with the ecosystem of tropical rainforest. Each reef is a " Nest" to attract shrimp, fish to live, earn a living and spawn, especially rare seafood such as butterfly fish, grouper, cone snails, etc ... so this is actually a place to keep genetic resources for the entire coast.

For human life, coral reefs are like the underground natural dams for protecting erosion, shielding every time a storm or a tsunami hitting the shore. Through the absorption of substances in water then precipitate them to the bottom, coral also helps clean the environment.

The diversity of the Ha Long bay coral sea

According to the results of survey by the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Resources of Ha Long Bay Beach, the scientists have surprised by the severe downturn in the number of species and covering area of ​​coral reefs. In the 80s and 90s of the 20th century, living coral was over 50% and stretched hundreds of meters in most of the limestone islands in the bay, including the near-shore islands such as Dam Nam, Dau Go, Hon Veu. .. However, over 20 years by now, where seaweed has covered, there has been no land for living coral. The reefs only scattered basically along the outside islands such as Dau Be, Cong Do island  of Bai Tu Long Bay , Van Gio…, at the inside island are left dead or negligible. The number of species also declined rapidly, from about 200 species now only about 100 species estimated within heritage areas.

Halong sea coral just left about 100 species


Cause of decreasing in the space of ​​coral on the bay besides by harmful factors such as certain species of snail, starfish, rising sea temperatures, diseases, etc ... then also by significant causes of man: The fish catching forms led to ecological imbalance, the state of the bay backfill to develop tourism and build new towns, coal exploit, ore, mangroves clearance, wastewater, domestic waste, etc ... Many foreign visitors have expressed dissatisfaction about the bottles, plastic bags and hundreds of other debris floating around the bay. 

New forms of tourism in Ha Long: Snorkeling watching coral


To save the coral reefs of the bay, the most effective way is to make sure the water here always clean. Have to carry out specific solutions simultaneously: invest in cleaning water environment programs, strictly manage waste disposal, waste water of coastal regions, boats on the bay activities. Along with that, organize cultivate coral reefs by the main substrate with cement or even dead coral carpet, drop down to the bay concrete material, rubber which are completely removed chemicals for coral clings into and develops.

If you can restore and preserve, replicate the coral, Ha Long Bay will have a new potential form of tourism which is very attractive now: diving for viewing coral.