Huong Hai Ha Long

The Poem Mountain - the romantic beauty in Ha Long Bay

Bai Tho Mountain- celebrated landscape relics of Ha Long


Bai Tho Mountain belonging to Ha Long Bay's Heritage is a live monument going into the history, song, and poem through many dynasties. This is the great limestone mountain located in the center of the Halong City.

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              UNESCO World Heritage Site 
The romantic Mountain in Ha Long Bay

Bai Tho Mountain is situated in Bach Dang Ward, Ha Long city center, Quang Ninh Province. Featured in historical and cultural relic complex, 106 m Mountain appears majestically and superficially like a giant castle with various undulating towers on the firmly fortified walls. The highest mountain shaped the spear pointing to the sky and the cliffs erect unsteadily like pointy stuffed cat ears sharp, making the mountain seem magical and ancient. Limestone geology structure is unique with a half  base of the mountain emerging into land and a half rest under water; therefore, from many angles,  it could be imagined in different forms  sometimes like tigers lying, or lion playing with prey, sometimes being overwhelming as the  green dragon taking off on the shores of Ha Long Bay.

Thousand years ago, the mountain named Truyen Dang (Roi Den) indicating to critical watchtower of the northeastern borderland of the country, having a duty to lead and guide the boats to dock on the bay. Thus, the mountain has been associated with defeating Mongol invaders on Bach Dang River (1228) by General of Tran Hung Dao.

In February 1468 (9th year Quang Thuan) on a walking tour of the Northeast coast, Emperor Le Thanh Tong poet thrilled by the Halong Bay's charming marine beauty was highly inspired to improvise a poem including 56 Chinese characters carved on the southern cliff at the height of about 2.5 meters. From winter through next spring, things can change and the handwriting can be worn by rain or shine; however, the historical value of the ancient poem is still shining. It can be stated that the poem is the steadily independent manifesto of the sovereignty and the flourishing period, the development of the country. It is immutable even in any eras.

In addition to the poems of Le Thanh Tong King, on the cliff there currently remains of 7 words 8 sentences poems of An Do Vuong Trinh Cuong King (1729) on the occasion of rehearsal of Navy on the East Sea and some of the poems of the others poets from the early 20th century. Until now people is getting used to calling the mountain De Tho or Bai Tho.

During the war against the US, militia in Bach Dang Ward (Hon Gai city center) has formed a 12.7 mm gun-team and put on the helicopter in Bai Tho Mountain. This team is battlefield air defense clinging and fighting very hard, significantly contributing to the common victory of the mine army on Jan 5th 1930. This is an important event, strongly encouraging for the mine workers’ Movement. Until now the red flag with the yellow star considered as a symbol of Ha Long city – “the mine hero land” is still fluttering at the top of the mountain. During this period, Bai Tho Mountain is air defense watchtower, ambulance caves, evacuation in wartime and the center of the postal telegraph of Quang Ninh province.

Bai Tho Mountain quietly situated on the banks of peaceful Halong Bay is the pride and symbol making each of Quang Ninh people miss home. Not only having the ownership of magnificent beauty bestowed by Creator, Bai Tho Mountain also brings the important historical significance of our army and people in a gloriously fighting time. Every inch of land in the high mountain and every river in the blue ocean imbued with the spirit of our father's heroes. In August 31st 1992, Bai Tho Mountain officially rated in national historic culture relics.