Huong Hai Ha Long

The story of Huong Hai Halong Cruise


 About Huong Hai Ha Long Cruise.

 For more than 14 years in serving and hosting international guests on the tranquil waters of Halong bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, we do set a well-known, leading and stable standard of the best quality service for Halong Bay cruise trip from mid-range to high-range customer. The first and biggest company to offer overnight cruises on the bay

 Huong Hai understands customers’ desire and we built the first traditional style wooden boat with deluxe cabins and facilities. As a result, nearly half of 1 million people have joined Huong Hai Junks on magical, enlightening journeys through Halong Bay. 

 Beside the wooden traditional boat fleet with 3 boats named Huong Hai Junks, Huong Hai Ha Long proudly to grand open new luxury steel-made cruise named Huong Hai Sealife Cruises. The new boat inherits the experience of cruise service over the years and set a new standard of luxury cruise in Halong bay.

Huong Hai Junks traditional boats

 The Responsibility Of Huong Hai Halong Cruise Company.

  • The first responsibility is to passengers and partners. Its products and services must always be of the best quality in 4-star standard. And bookings must be promptly attended too. Its trade channels buyers must make a fair profit.
  • The second responsibility is to those who work with us, they must have a sense of security in their jobs. Wages must be fair and adequate. Management is just, hours reasonable and working condition nurturing. Captains & Supervisors are qualified and fair minded. Each crew member must be considered an individual, standing on his own dignity & merit.
  • The third responsibility is to Management. Our executive must be person of talent, education, experience and ability. They must possess common sense and full understanding. 
  • The fourth responsibility is to the local communities and authorities. We will support environmental friendly project and local charity. We promote civic improvements, health, education, invest back into the local communities and make them part of the development of responsible Tourism.

 Vision of Huong Hai HaLong Cruise. 

  Since 1994, Halong Bay was regconized as World Heritage, where international travelers, expats started pouring into. Halong bay day tours with shuttle and private boats, first became popular, some years later, overnight boats with cabins, owned by some  local businesses, started to be exploited. Then, boat styles have changed rapidly with different varieties. None of them gets out of track to serve demanding travelers. As an reliable Operator, Huong Hai Halong, has day by day updated his products, from wooden junks since its beginning, Now we lauch Huong Hai Sealife – a Vessel combining its traditional value and modernly luxurious facilities in 2013. This ship is one of the biggest and most luxurious ones in Halong Bay with international standards. By 2015, we are going to design more vessels with different styles of luxury to serve the upcoming travelers to be the leading operator in Halong Bay Vietnam and Bai Tu Long bay.