Huong Hai Ha Long

The seven famous beaches of Ha Long Bay

7 super-beautiful beaches in Ha Long Bay


As a masterpiece of creators, Ha Long Bay owns super-beautiful beaches with spreading white sand beach, blue sea and the breeze of the sea to bring the great space for visitors to enjoy the great relaxing .Therefore traveling this summer in Ha Long Bay, you cannot forget to visit and experience the ideal activities at 7 beautiful beaches on Halong Bay below. Let's find out and prepare for the best Halong trip.

Tuan Chau Beach


1. Tuan Chau beach

The beach on Tuan Chau Island is an artificial beach but equally beautiful as the natural beach with sand stretching 2km. This is a beach you cannot ignore when traveling to Ha Long Beach, attracting a lot of visitors, especially in the summer.


2. Ti Tốp Beach

The beach is located on Ti Tốp island of Ha Long Bay, about 14 km from Bai Chay. This beach has the shape of a full moon embracing the foot of the island, small sand but very spacy and quiet, suitable to relax. Especially the water here is clean and green; the sky is clear, the water is beautiful.


3. Ngoc Vung beach

Ngoc Vung is an ideal beach for those who like an immense beach, far from the shore and not as polluted as the nearby beach. Ngoc Vung beach is becoming more and more attractive to swim, participate in leisure activities on the sea and especially discover the life of fishermen. .


4. Quan Lan beach

It is located in Quan Lan Island in Bai Tu Long Bay, between Minh Chau and Quan Lan communes of Van Don District, 55 km from Halong City. This is a beautiful beach; still unspoiled and ecological environment is not polluted.


5. Minh Chau beach

Minh Chau beach is as beautiful as its name, white sand beach without footprints. This is a beautiful and famous beach far 15 km away from Quan Lan beach so tourists can have an overnight tour Ha Long here.


6. Ba Trai Dao Beach

This is a beach with a very special name of Ha Long Bay. From the cruise ship port, You take about 10 hours to canoe to the Ba Trai Dao beach. This is because there are three arched sandy beaches that embrace the island, which looks as far as three peaches.


7. Bai Chay Beach

A bustling artificial beach in the center of Ha Long Bay. Bai Chay beach has a more than 500m long, 100m wide sandy beach suitable for a lot of fun activities.