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Exploring Ngoc Vung Island in Bai Tu Long Bay

5 encouragements to carry your backpack for traveling to Ngoc Vung Island


Reminding of Quang Ninh, the names mostly favored are Ha Long Bay, Co To Island, and Quan Lan Island; however, another less-known attractive destination is Ngoc Vung which has become an interesting and ideal choice for youth travelers in recent years.



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Ngoc Vung Island in Bai Tu Long Bay

The first reason is its hidden name whose “Ngọc” originates from the fact that there are a variety of glowing scarce pearls under the moon at night. With the total area of 48 m2, this charming island located between Phuong Hoang and Hon Net Island, creates quietness and peace in fresh space.


From above looking down, Ngoc Vung is beautiful like waving velvet with white borders on the surface of the water. In summer because of calm sea, tourists will have great opportunities to enjoy the pictures of the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine.


In terms of ecology, this place is endowed with full types of terrain such as rivers, beaches, ports, delta, and forests, which contributes to its diversity. Besides, the island has a natural water source providing for agriculture such as growing rice, nourishing fish, shrimp, and crab. Therefore, the life is quite natural like simple village in the middle of the sea with the sparse population of about 1000 people.


Another reason is various outdoor activities. From the center, tourists can ride a bike or stroll along the shady Casuarina forest or climb to Phao Dai islet, and visit memorial Uncle Ho area, blue irrigation lake or conquest National Flag Pole.


The forth highlight of the island is crescent- shaped Truong Chinh beach stretching nearly 3km. In clean atmosphere, visitors can immerse in blue water or lie on the sand to hear lapping waves. Or if you feel fed up with the waves, you can walk and pick up lovely snail or build graceful sand castles.


A further interesting point in Ngoc Vung island tour is homestay in order to participate in and understand local life and enjoy specialties prepared in unique ways such as grilled clams, stellatus soup with betel leaves, mullet dish, etc. In addition, sweet potatoes and pickled small leeks are delicious and cheap.

The night here is quiescent and not affected by modern audio-visual equipment or internet. Only occasionally you will encounter flashing fireflies making space more shimmering and magical. The daily life in the island is peaceful and simple, different from the noisy and crowded urban in Halong Bay. If you are still looking for spreading salty taste countryside of the sea to enjoy the holiday, here will be your ideal destination.