Huong Hai Ha Long

 Very impressed with our 2 day cruise, the staff were very helpful. The rooms and  food were the highlight. Fantastic size clean rooms with a stunning view & private balcony. It was a dream! I would highly recommend this cruise to anyone travelling in Halong bay 

Mr. Jacquelinephivo - From Melbourne, Australia - TripAdvisor

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Huong Hai Halong: Five reasons to visit the beautiful Halong bay

​​“Explore Halong Bay – The masterpiece of nature”.


“Admiring the stunning view of Ha Long Bay from a sunny and spacious sundeck, reveling on the first-rank services and savoring the irresistibly delicious cuisine are all the wonderful experiences that you can have on the Huong Hai Sealife Cruise Halong

 Huong Hai Ha Long - The story of the sea!

Huong Hai “The aroma of the sea”; where you can savor the unique and typical smells of ocean. Specially, each boat is a colorful picture, where the breath of the sea is fully flavored in every corner.

Huong Hai Sealfie Cruise Halong

Randomness made the history.

One night of 14 years ago, a sudden storm prevents the boat from embarking into the wharf. The crew, including the boat staffs and guests have to stay overnight on the boat, with just some food stuffs and the worries. But they have an incredibly amazing starry night and the cooling sea winds. And the overnight boats were born…

The boats go into history.

As being well-reputable for the first Halong bay overnight cruise  with Huong Hai Junks, Huong Hai kept launching a Sealife Cruise on February 2013; contributing to the fame of the Huong Hai boat crew.

Why Huong Hai Halong cruise?

Every corner of the cruise is the different story of sea; where the spirit of sea leads you through the varied sea life; each thing, each picture, each person all bears the soul of the infinitely enormous sea.